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100px kurf%c3%bcrstentum hessen blatt 69 lohra
1 day ago. 10 control points.
100px a map of new england%2c and nova scotia%2c with part of new york%2c canada%2c and new britain %26 the adjacent islands of new found land%2c cape breton %26c. %284231924992%29
2 days ago. 15 control points.
100px kurf%c3%bcrstentum hessen blatt 59 caldern
2 days ago. 17 control points.
100px basiskarte
3 days ago. 10 control points.
100px grundriss leipzig 1803
4 days ago. 14 control points.
100px beschreibvng des hochloblichen fvrsten t.h v.b obern vnd nidern bayrn   kungliga biblioteket   10391328 thumb
4 days ago. Unrectified.
100px val d%27anniviers
5 days ago. 3 control points.
100px a field sheet.sheet.1 copy   war office ledger %28woos 7 1 2%29
From: (In 1 mosaic)
8 days ago. Unrectified.
Lossy page1 100px stor helsingfors 1911.tif
8 days ago. Unrectified.
100px hindoostan rennell 1782
12 days ago. Unrectified.
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