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100px 1747 la feuille map of england   geographicus   england ratelband 1747
12 months ago. 16 control points.
100px 1799 cary map of swabia%2c germany   geographicus   swabia cary 1799
12 months ago. 18 control points.
100px 1838 cabool detail map bokhara%2c cabool%2c beloochistan %26c
12 months ago. 1 control point.
100px 1852 levasseur map of france   geographicus   france levasseur 1852
12 months ago. 3 control points.
100px 1857 chicago
12 months ago. 7 control points.
100px 1861 map of san francisco%2c showing pioneer race course
12 months ago. 6 control points.
100px 2 helsingin kihlakunta uudenmaan l%c3%a4%c3%a4ni%c3%a4 2
12 months ago. Unrectified.
1710 de la feuille map of africa   geographicus   africa lafeuille 1710
over 1 year ago. 10 control points.
100px a map of new england%2c and nova scotia%2c with part of new york%2c canada%2c and new britain %26 the adjacent islands of new found land%2c cape breton %26c. %284231924992%29
12 months ago. 6 control points.
100px amsterdam1688
12 months ago. 9 control points.
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